General contractor
"ООО «ТРАНС Н. СТРОЙ» has many years of experience in organizing all kinds of construction work within the approved project documentation and perform all the work on their own and with the help of the best contractors.

One of the most important and crucial steps in the implementation of any project. During design stage, we develop and analyse technology of the future building functioning, architecture of a building, data collection and calculation of loads, selection and calculation of detailed design and engineering solutions.

Our company has extensive practical experience in the design work for various purposes such as:

  • Warehouse logistics centers
  • Office - office buildings
  • Shopping centers and shopping malls
  • Dealer car centers
  • Residential buildings and complexes
  • Social facilities, including hospitals, schools, kindergartens, production facilities
  • Industrial buildings
  • Multistory parking
  • Agricultural buildings

Modern design of buildings and structures is conditionally divided into several stages:

  • Development of a design assignment together with a client. During this stage, all details about design and clients' preferences are discussed and we create general concept of all project works.
  • Preliminary design - Includes necessary measuring, inspection of the future construction site, get familiar with the terrain, solution for project construction problems, and providing a client with several drafts of a building design.
  • Normally work results of the experts are not only development of paper documentation, but also development of a computer model of a building or structure. Visualization of the project allows clients to make adjustments that are required for further phases of a project.
  • Development of design documentation. - Coordination and approval of project documentation by the supervisory and government organs. Completion of all documentation